Scalable solutions for environmental sensors

We support effective biodiversity monitoring and research through science-based study designs, high-quality data processing, and open data and collaboration. We actively contribute to the development of standardized, shared protocols and data management practices.

From ideation to implementation

Unlock the full potential of environmental sensors. From equipment selection to program design and data management, our team specializes in crafting customized solutions that align with your goals. We have extensive experience in getting environmental sensor programs off the ground, working with a range of people and organizations with goals large and small.

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Innovative solutions for big data

We are passionate about advancing the science behind the use of environmental sensors. Our philosophy is to offer and use tools accessible by anyone, anywhere, to increase the efficiency of data processing and facilitate data sharing while improving the tools for all users. Our preferred tool is WildTrax, an online platform for managing, storing, processing, sharing, and discovering data from environmental sensors.

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Standards for seamless sharing

Whether in the field protocols used or the way data is processed, we support the standardization and centralization of environmental sensor data. The use of the online platform WildTrax supports this aim, as does our participation in regional communities of practice. We want environmental sensor data to have the greatest possible impact.

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Communities of practice

We seek to build strong partnerships to advance the science of biodiversity monitoring. Biodiversity monitoring is improved by collaboration, be it through sharing data, equipment, or best practices and lessons learned. We participate in regional communities of practice that develop and promote standards for data collection.

Meet the faces of SENSR

Our team consists of scientists with extensive experience in environmental data collection and management, protocol development, and software applications. 

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A Biodiversity Pathways Initiative

SENSR is part of Biodiversity Pathways, a value-neutral non-profit that develops scientifically credible monitoring programs in Canada.