Project Design

Tell us your project’s objective. We’ll help you set up an effective, scientifically rigorous plan to collect the data you need using environmental sensors.


We currently offer acoustic equipment rentals; you can see the makes and models available on the Acoustic services page. Down the road, we hope to offer remote camera rentals. If we don’t rent it, we can help you find the right equipment for the job.

Data Intake

It’s time to see what your environmental sensors recorded in the field. We can take it from here! We can manage hard drives and SD cards of data, setting up online data storage structured for ease of species identification and analysis. Our preferred platform for data management is WildTrax, an online platform for storing, sharing, and processing environmental data.

Data Processing

We offer expert identification of species in remote camera images, acoustic recordings, and ultrasonic recordings. We tag species and/or verify tags generated using auto-recognizers, and then put these tags through a rigorous quality control process. We are also able to develop, test, and train single-species recognizers using machine learning—get in touch to learn more! Learn more about data processing using WildTrax in the online user guide.

Analysis & Reporting

We turn data into information through creating high-quality reports including reproducible code and analyses to answer your project’s questions.

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